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As a private tutor, I have helped hundreds of students improve their SAT® and ACT® scores, earning them acceptances to several of the top universities in the country.  

Average SAT® Score Increase: 210 points!

Average ACT® Score Increase: 5 points!

Free SAT® Test Prep Materials

8 Free Official SAT® Practice Tests

Understanding Your Official SAT® Test Score

Free ACT® Test Prep Materials

2 Free Official ACT® Practice Tests

Over 40 Free Official ACT® Assessment Tests

Understanding Your Official ACT® Test Score

Aced it! Tutoring provides first-rate in-home tutoring services to assist your student in reaching his or her educational goals.

What's Included in Your SAT® and ACT® Tutoring Packages


Each tutoring package includes all of the test prep materials you need:

  • The Official ACT® Prep Pack (which comes with 4 diagnostic quizzes, 6 full length practice tests [4 practice tests are in the book and 2 are online], and over 2,400 practice questions). Or The Official SAT® Study Guide (which comes with 8 practice tests) 

  • An unlimited number of proctored exams to monitor progress and guide the test prep process (we provide additional exams on top of what is provided in the Official ACT® Prep Pack and Official SAT® Study Guide at no additional charge).  

  •  A silent wristwatch so that you can manage your time throughout the test (we cover pacing/time management in depth). 

  • A 6 pack of spiral notebooks so that you can take notes, complete your homework, and complete practice drills.

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